Dani Salas

Filmmaker, photographer, video editor, documentary producer and professional climber and mountaineer. His polyvalence has led him to participate in more than 20 expeditions and to carry out documentary works of great sporting and cinematographic value. Its principles went back to 1998, when he started to labour into the audiovisual world with the team of TVE “Al filo de lo Imposible”

Dani SalasSince then, he has developed a broad career, his most recent work being the audiovisual follow-up of the project “El Reto de Carlos Soria” with BBVA contents, “El Heladero del Himalaya” for Discovery Channel, or the documentary film “Jugando a Escalar” by Dokumalia Producciones.

Last five years, he also has been working for Nacional Geographic “The Dare of Garamba”, Proteger bajo el fuego (TVE version). Both project through  CropTv.

“Informe Robinson” one of the most importan program from MovistarPlus. 

“Control de Fronteras”, best tv premiere of the year in DMAX (CropTv), and “Hermano Mayor”  from CuatroTv (Mediaset).

Currently, he is the director of Dokumalia Productions and also are cooperating  some NGO protects like SOS Himalaya Foundation “SosTrailer”, or IntermonOxfam trailwalker. 

Besides, he is following different athletes like Antonio de la Rosa“SÓLO” audiovisual project and working for new streaming programme in climbing competition.

From 1998, he also worked with AXN, Spanish Geographic Society, Polytechnic University, Avista multimedia, and other small projects.

“I want to show from the other side what moves a person to walk around the world and into inhospitable places, surrounded by lot of ice, between the desert sand or delimited by a thick jungle, and I enjoy it a lot!”

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Teléfono y Viber: +34 616367302

Skype: dani.dokumalia

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Jugando a escalar en la Cineteca de Madrid

Cuando nos imaginábamos en qué sala nos gustaría que se proyectara nuestro documental “Jugando a Escalar” siempre pensábamos en la Cineteca…

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Jordi Roca Annapurna

Documental “El Heladero del Himalaya”

25 noviembre, 2015 Dani Salas, Noticias 0 Comments

Madrid, 24 de Noviembre de 2015 Después de meses de duro trabajo, ayer se presentó ante la prensa el último documental…

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